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Sell with SEO Domain Names

The #1 SEO Domain Platform

We have the highest qualified SEO domain buyer audience in the industry.

You have domains. We have the demand.

We have built the SEO Domain Name platform on the back of 10 years in the expired SEO domain industry. Our client base is extensive as well as high quality. We're always looking for more domains from third parties that we can sell to our high demand customers.

If you have domain inventory that you'd like to receive offers for, we can either purchase them from you directly, or arrange to sell them on our platform at an agreed rate.

We list the domain on your behalf and nothing is transferred till the domain is sold and you've received payment.


Our strict vetting process

We process all domains against our check list below before they are listed with us.

Strong referring domains and links

All of our domains have many relevant contextual do-follow links from strong credible sources and websites.

Perfectly clean links and anchors

We manually check every single link and anchor pointing at our domains to ensure there is zero spam.

Squeaky clean Wayback history

Our team manually check the entire domain history through wayback machine, looking for any spam.

No irrelevant re-purposing history

We check that the domain has not been re-purposed into a different industry or niche at any point of time.

SEO power pointing at key pages

We ensure that the majority of the domains links are pointing at key URL's, and not images or files.

Natural subnet IP ratios

We check that the domains have natural sub net patterns to ensure there are no artificial links.


How our pricing model works

Our preferred way of business is to agree on a fixed price that you want to sell the domain at, and we will add our own margin on top - instead of working on a percentage margin basis.

We work like this because we often offer bulk discounts and package credits across multiple domain deals. We can offer percentage discounts on particular deals that will be a mix of our in house domains as well as third party owned.

We're able to approve these deals right away, because of our predefined margins, and we won't need to have all potential deals approved by you ahead of time.

What your domain could sell for

Each domain is unique, but we're providing some example rough pricing tiers that you could expect from us.

Low tier domains

  • DR 5-12
  • RD 50-100
  • TF 1-5

Mid tier domains

  • DR 13-30
  • RD 100-300
  • TF 5-20

High tier domains

  • DR 30-40+
  • RD 300-500+
  • TF 20-40+

Send us your domains for appraisal

We'll quickly assess your domains for quality, and send you indicative pricing., then we'll check each domain in depth.