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Domain Name c-f-t.net
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c-f-t.net was the website of three knitters based in Paris and Berlin who started a fashion label focused on street knitting: putting knitwear on street furniture. It has links from Wikipedia, Elle.fr, Etsy.com and a few other prominent sources. This domain would be a good fit for Knitting, Fashion, Home or related niches.

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  • 1. Collectif France Tricot
  • 2. CFT -
  • 3. Collectif France Tricot
  • 4. CFT
  • 5. http://c-f-t.net/
  • 6. blog
  • 7. Goto C-f-t.net
Niche Comprehension
The global fast fashion industry has an estimated value of $35.8 billion and is declining at a negative rate of 12%. The apparel, accessories, and footwear sector of the global ecommerce market is valued at $759.5 billion in 2021. The growth it is projected to experience by 2025 will bring it to over $1 trillion globally. The fashion industry provides opportunities for hundreds of thousands of people, as it is a very large and diverse market. Fashion is a form of self-expression, and it has always been an important part of how people define others.
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Setup a eCommerce Site
Sell or rent internal pages that are ranking well
Setp a Blog and Sell sponsored posts
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