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Domain Overview was a website of Councilmember Brandon T. Todd. He was a councilmember, as Councilmember Todd was committed to moving forward an agenda that focuses on expanding services for seniors, improving education in D.C. schools, supporting economic development and small business growth, and improving the quality and safety of District neighbourhoods.

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According to, in the first decades of the twenty-first century, politics and governments across the world have been defined and challenged by several key developments. The growth of internet access, especially social media, has created entire new forums for discussion and debate, although this has also accelerated polarization in some regions of the world. Many established political groups and ideologies have seen their authority decline, with political outsiders rising on a tide of discontent with the current order. While these new types of leaders often seek to turn the tide of globalization, the threats and dangers of upcoming years will likely be global and require a coordinated global response.
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