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Parked Domain Portfolio Acquisition

We purchase domains that have parking revenue, and pay extremely well for them.

To put it very simply, a lot of domains that generate parking revenue also have a lot of backlinks. Because they have links from other websites, that’s usually how they generate referral traffic that in turn generates parking revenue.

Usually the SEO value of the domain is substantially higher for us than the amount of revenue it generates from domain parking. This works really well for both parties, because it means we can usually pay much higher for the domain, because of it’s SEO valuation.

After market value and parking revenue value mean very little to us, as we are valuing on SEO alone. We have historically paid very well for long word domain names with zero after market value and minimal parking multiple valuation, purely because of the SEO value in place.

If you have a portfolio of domains that are sitting and generating revenue from domain parking, we would love to make you a bulk offer.

We have a strong track record of sending 5-6 figure payments for domain portfolios that would never sell for that much based on traditional valuations.

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