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Our domain vetting process

All of our domains are checked in depth.

Every domain we sell has to meet all of our strict requirements below.

Analyze backlink quality and quantity

We do in depth manual checking on these domains, looking at the individual backlinks and referring domains, ensuring that there is nothing spammy or suspicious.

We’ll even translate the referring pages while checking to ensure there’s nothing we don’t recognize. The domain must have a strong clean link portfolio and natural organic link balance.

Anchor quality checking

We manually check all of the incoming anchors looking for anything artificial or suspicious that cause the domain to have a penalty or negative effect. We don’t sell domains that have been used for artificial SEO ranking in the past. We’re looking for clean well balanced anchor ratios.

Deep Wayback analysis

In depth wayback checking is a very important aspect that takes an experienced team and a lot of available resources to ensure it gets done right.

Proper wayback checking means looking at hundreds of historic archive snapshots and using a combination of manual and automatic processes to assess content quality and spot anything suspicious. Most SEO’s do a quick skim check on this part, whereas we check EVERYTHING.

Metric Balancing

We check our domains across all of the major SEO analysis tools to ensure that we are given the entire picture. We’ll assess the spam score and domain quality metrics across all of them and make sure everything is balanced across the board.

Link juice path analysis

This is an important one that most SEO’s will miss as well. Our team check the referring link destinations in detail. There is no point in having a domain with 1000 RD’s if 80% of them point at a deep internal PDF file or image.

We ensure all of our domains have the majority of their links pointing at key focus pages, and not spread out too thinly.

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