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Our in depth domain vetting processes

Very detailed spam checking is the most important process of SEO domain acquisition and it’s something a lot of people miss.

To be able to check all aspects of domain quality at scale takes a lot of people and server power. If you don’t get it right, it can be a costly mistake as you’ll have to start from scratch.

We have very stringent processes, using a combination of automated processes to do the bulk of the heavy listing, and spitting out lists of pre vetted domains. We’re able to filter 90% of the spam at this level, which lets our manual team spend a lot more time checking everything in detail.

With this powerful combination, we’re able to provide the highest quality pre vetted domains at exceptional prices, and we even back it up with our replacement guarantee.

If you purchase a domain from us that ends up having deep hidden invisible spam or something we missed and Google won’t re-index it, or shows a manual penalty – we’ll replace it for free! Zero risk for you, and something we’re proud to offer our clients.

You can read more about our in depth vetting processes here.