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Cheap European Domains

Strong and clean European domains at very affordable prices.

Traditionally we scrape and sell a lot of expired domains through our parent company Rank Networks. There is strong demand for European domains, and their availability is reducing over time. We’re now acquiring domains that are much stronger than the expired ones and selling them for every cheap.

This model is designed for customers looking to add domains to their network regularly. We will be adding new domains to our database every day.

Expired vs registered domains

The reason we’re switching over to this kind of model is because we can offer comparatively higher quality domains at lower prices.

Here’s how the domains stack up against each other.

Expired domains

Average DR: 8-14

Average RD: 25-40

Average cost: $45

+ domain registration cost: $10-20

Registered domains

Average DR: 20-24

Average RD: 50-65

Average cost: $75

Domain registration cost included

With an ever increasing focus on quality over quantity, this is the better model to utilize and also saves development costs by having less websites and hosting.

Example registered domains

How to get started

If you’re interested in acquiring domains like these from us, please give us your contact information below and we’ll be in touch right away.