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Are Expired Domains The X-Factor in Your SEO Ranking?

Expired Domains

Is Expired Domains the X-FACTOR in your SEO ranking? Yes, it is.  

An expired Domain plays a significant role in ranking, and google prefers an aged Domain over a new one. Take a look at this expired domain case study for a better understanding.

Domain Age plays a huge role in SEO ranking. Expired Domains are likely going to carry more value than brand new domains. The ranking of expired domains tends to be in Google TOP 10 Results by 60% higher than new domains shown in the stats.

Here is a proven example of ranking better in the case of an expired domain:-

Aged Domains Ahref Ranking

Faster Keyword Ranking

Expired Domains tend to rank faster than the new Domain. Leveraging expired domains is an effective and untapped way to boost a Keyword ranking performance. Stats show the Expired Domains Keyword ranking process is faster, with a ranking of 100 keywords in 2 Months. 

Expired Domain Keyword Ranking

Here is the considerable growth in ranking keywords with the help of expired domains. When an expired domain contains keywords that most Internet users in your industry search for, it becomes invaluable for your business’s SEO strategy.

Increase Organic Traffic

Search engines like Google are responsible for organic traffic to your site. Most often, your website’s search pages are directed to pages that answer search queries or match keywords or phrases that visitors have entered. Search engine optimization (SEO) makes content more likely to be found on search engines.

Expired Domains have the potential to increase your website traffic as well with minimal effort. Studies show that traffic increment.

Expired Domain Traffic

With the Considerable growth in the stats, it is proven that expired domains gain traffic more quickly as compared to new domains. 

Increase Link Juice

Frequently the term ‘link juice’ is mentioned by SEO experts, but what does it mean?

Links transmit value and authority between sites, which is called link juice. However, not all links are created equal. The value of a link from a well-established domain exceeds that of a site linking to it.

In addition to improving your Google rankings, this is the most effective way to establish your credibility and brand awareness.

Your website’s link juice can be used to determine the popularity of your site and how important it is to users.

Transfer “Link Juice” To Website With Expired Domains

Using an expired domain, you can build a mini-site to link to your company’s website.

By backlinking your company’s main website with the expired or old Domain, you will transfer the “link juice.” As SEO experts know, backlinks are a factor in your search engine ranking.

Research has shown that expired domains with a significant number of backlinks from reputable sites tend to rank faster than fresh ones.

Increment in Domain Rating

The Domain Rating (DR) of a website indicates the strength of its backlink profile. On a logarithmic scale ranging from 0 to 100, with 100 being the most substantial value, the DR is measured on a logarithmic scale of 0 to 100. A domain that has expired for a while should also have a solid ranking, in addition to the ranking performance of the selected keywords. It is a well-known fact that SEO professionals will tell you that the traffic that high-ranking expired domains send your way can positively improve your website’s search engine rankings.

Expired Domain has the potential to increase the Domain Rating with a few efforts on the website:

Expired Domain DR

Now You know how powerful Expired Domains are for SEO Ranking. You may wonder how you can monetize the Expired Domain Name. Here is another answer to your question

Monetize the Expired Domain into 6 Figure Income Source

You can buy Expired Domains and monetize them in many ways, but the following are Popular Monetization Techniques to turn an expired domain into 6 figure income source:- 

  • Affiliate marketing website
  • Google Adsense or Pay-per-click advertising
  • Sell Ad Space to Companies
  • Sell Digital products
  • Set a Blog and Sell sponsored posts
  • Setup a Lead Gen website
  • Setup an eCommerce Site
  • Start a private forum or a coaching class online
  • Create a job board
  • Sell or rent internal pages that are ranking well

Why Buy Expired Domain from SEO Domain Names?

SEO Domain Names offers the most comprehensive inventory of high-quality SEO domains on the Internet. You can find and purchase the highest quality premium domains at incredible prices here with us, making it very easy to find the most appropriate domain names for your next project.

Our processes are very stringent, with a combination of automated processes, and we generate lists of pre-vetted domains. This level of spam filtering allows us to spend a lot more time manually checking everything in detail.

Like Expired Domains being an X factor in SEO Ranking, SEO Domains Names ensure the quality of expired Domain by ensuring the following metrics.

  • High-quality links and referring domains :

We have many do-follow contextual links from credible and robust sources on our premium domains.

  • There are no broken links or anchors :

All links and anchors pointing to our domains are manually inspected to ensure spam is not present.

  • A new history of Wayback Machines : 

Each domain history is manually checked through Wayback Machine to see if there are any spam entries or pages.

  • The history of repurposing is not relevant :

We Ensure that the Domain hasn’t been repurposed into another industry or niche at any point in time or that a similar domain has been created.

  • SEO power pointing at crucial pages :

Expired domain links should point to critical URLs rather than images or files for most domains.

  • IP ratios within natural subnets :

To prevent artificial links between domains, we examine the subnet patterns of the domains.

Check How SEO Domain Names identify the Highest Quality Expired Domain – Our Domain Vetting Process.

Final Thoughts

As expired domains tend to leak value into your website, using them can make it more valuable. Monetizing an expired domain will help you rank higher in search engines due to its existing backlinks, traffic, and other metrics. It is prudent to take special precautions before spending money on expired domains by considering many factors and analyzing the marketplace.

So It’s time you took the leap and acquired your Premium Expired Domain Name so you could achieve the heights of the rankings.

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