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AGED DOMAIN: Here is What Professionals Have To Say.

aged domain

In today’s digital age, SEO is crucial to any successful website strategy. It’s a good idea to purchase an expired domain that’s been around for a while to improve your site’s rank on Google.

You can boost the visibility of your website by choosing “aged domains,” which are sites (not all of them) already highly ranked on Google.

What Is An Aged Domain?

The previous owner has not renewed aged domains since they were dropped or expired years ago. Another type is where an aged domain was not dropped but was put on auction services lightly before being deleted.

Aged domains are non-dropped or just changed owners instead of being re-registered.

The use of aged domains or the purchase of expired domains can give entrepreneurs a competitive advantage.

In this article, you will learn why buying an aged domain is better than purchasing a new one.

To help you rank your niche authority site, Here we share some of its key benefits.

Are There SEO Benefits To An Aged Domain?

Expired or aged SEO domains often have a history associated with them.

For a better understanding of how search engines look for these factors, let’s examine what they look for:

Age Ranking Factor

It has become increasingly important to consider domain name age since Google’s Penguin update. Search engines consider older websites more trustworthy and rank them higher than new ones. A domain with an older PageRank can also boost your ranking in Google search engine rankings than a domain with an older PageRank.

Established Backlink Profile

A domain that has been around for a while may already have many powerful links pointing toward it.

Aged Domain Backlink Profile

A clean off-page SEO on your previous site will be necessary for your ranking. When it comes to link building, this is likely to save you a lot of time, money, and resources.

Rather than a domain with many low-quality backlinks, search for aged domains with a few solid linking root domains.

High Domain Authority

It may be beneficial to use an aged domain because it may have high domain authority, demonstrating Google’s trust.

Domain Authority of Aged Domain

Most sites that rank high on Google have been around for decades or even longer. Expired or aged domains tend to have higher authority because they’ve been around longer.

Therefore, people are more likely to trust Google since they have interacted with and trusted the site for a while.

As you spend more time on the web, your website will accumulate more links, and your domain authority will rise.

Google Indexing

The pages of an old domain may still be indexed by other search engines, giving the domain some pre-existing authority.

This domain can easily be purchased at a reputable marketplace like SEO Domain Names. Then either 301 is redirected back to your site (via 301 redirects) or replaced with fresh content that is topically relevant for an immediate boost in search engine rankings.

The key point: All the reasons above combined means you can get a substantial head start on launching a niche site and avoid the so-called Google “Sandbox “.

To see any results, a brand new site can go through the “Sandbox” period for about six months to nine months (depending on how competitive the niche is).

Best Way to Determine Whether a Domain Is Aged?

There is no restriction on the age of a domain; it can be as old as you like.

There is no specified time requirement for determining the age of a domain; the registrar simply determines when it was registered.

It should be possible to find out with a simple WHOIS LOOKUP and Wayback Machine search.


Using Whois, you can find out who owns a domain name and how long it has been registered. Every domain name registrant maintains a record of who owns each domain name purchased through them, along with when it was purchased, just like all houses are registered with a governing authority.

WHOIS Lookup

In the Whois database, you can find information such as when the domain name is registered, when it expires, who owns the domain, its name servers, and the registrar through which it was purchased.


Internet Archive, a nonprofit based in San Francisco, California, founded the Wayback Machine to archive the World Wide Web. Developed in 1996 and launched to the public in 2001, it lets users see what websites looked like in the past. 

Wayback Machine


Important Tools to Help Identifying Good Aged Domain

You can evaluate several key SEO metrics when finding aged domains with different tools, But the most relaible and popular tools are as follows:-

  • MOZ

If You probably don’t have time to search your website for SEO while organizing, promoting, and running your business. In such a situation, Moz can help. You can select or make affirm decisions about a domain by checking the Moz metrics which includes DA(Domain Authority), PA(Page Authority), Linking Domains, Inbound links, and Keywords Ranking.

SEO and marketing resources can be found at Moz. The website started out as a blog providing search engine optimization tips and tricks for online companies and freelancers. Researchers and experts shared their expertise on the page.

As part of Moz’s SEO toolkit, companies have had access to a simple to use software from the start. Nowadays, software and resources make optimizing websites more straightforward and accessible.

The goal of Moz is to demystify and make accessible the techniques and tools used by SEO experts. No matter what kind of business you run, whether it is a small, medium, or large enterprise, or a freelancer, Moz has resources for you. Optimizing your website with its SEO tools is easier than ever.

If you are looking for a one-stop shop for SEO tools, Moz is likely to have everything you need. You can also test out their free software and programs to see how they work.

MOZ aged domain Metrics

100 is the highest possible score on Moz’s Domain Authority metric.

  • Ahref

There are also other good tools, such as Ahrefs. Using this tool, you’ll see how ranked a domain name was in the past.

An online community of SEO experts, Ahrefs offers tools and information for improving search engine rankings. This site helps users create SEO campaigns on their own by giving them the necessary tools.
Search engine optimization involves increasing the quality and quantity of search engine traffic to websites. Ahrefs covers a number of standard SEO metrics, including: DR(Domain Rating), RD(Referring Domain), Backlinks, Organic Keywords, Organic Traffic, Traffic Value.

Ahref aged domain metrics

It’s important to learn how Ahrefs works if you plan on using it. There are many online resources and advice about search engine optimization on the platform. It is for users who are willing to spend the time to learn the basics of the platform. You can optimize your website’s SEO on your own with Ahrefs’ substantial number of resources.

Where to Buy Best Aged Domains?

Best Aged Domain

Auctions for domains with aged registrations are available on many reputable sites.

If your offer is not accepted, you may pay more fees and commissions than the domain’s value.

These are a few recommendations when it comes to buying expired domains:

GoDaddy Auctions

Various domains are available for sale at GoDaddy Auctions. You can buy expired domains from this site by following these steps:

  • In the search bar, enter the domain you are looking for.
  • You can make your offer by clicking ‘Buy Now.
  • Before making your offer, make sure it’s the right domain, as accepted offers cannot be retracted.
  • The seller will contact you and explain how to pay the deposit.
  • Your domain will be transferred to your registrar once you’ve paid the seller.

Auctions on GoDaddy Auctions let bidders compete for a domain name until the time runs out or only one favorable bid is accepted.

SEO Domain Names

A great place to find premium Expired Domain is the SEO Domain Names. A company such that has been providing high-quality SEO domains for over a decade, making it one of the most reliable companies in the industry that supply these domains. 

SEO Domain Names

Domains that have expired can be found here in all categories or niches. We have categorized domains here to make finding what you are looking for easier. You can always buy premium aged domain from SEODN if you want high-quality domains.

Flippa Domain Auction

The Flippa marketplace is one of the largest for buying and selling websites and domains in addition to hosting domains and websites.


This site also contains expired domains, newly registered domains, domains that are about to expire, and already expired.

Despite the cost of domain names, Flippa offers some of the best websites for domain name purchases.


Dynadot, a California-based domain registration provider, and web hosting services, is accredited by ICANN.

In 2002, a software engineer founded our company based on the concept of engineering excellence. 


Domain and hosting services powered by our state-of-the-art software are fast, stable, and easy to use. Over the years, they have grown to serve thousands of customers in 108 countries worldwide.

When Evaluating Aged Domains, What Should You Look For?

Now that we’ve discussed the associated challenges let’s get to the bottom of the most important part of sourcing expired or aged domains – due diligence. Here is a simple checklist of the steps you need to follow:

  1. Run a WHOIS lookup to determine the domain age (i.e. how long the domain has been registered)
  2. Utilizing’s Wayback machine, determine the previous site’s architecture (ideally one with SEO-credible permalinks)
  3. Using SEO tools such as Ahrefs or SEMRush, check the previous site’s ranking historically.
  4. Determine the domain’s authority scores, trust flows, and citation flows by using the SEO tools listed above.
  5. Look for specific keywords that target your niche on the old site (i.e. evaluate its keyword usage).
  6. You can leverage internal links further if the page authority is vital.
  7. Examine the backlink profile to determine its quality (e.g., look at the sites linking to your domain).
  8. Identify any manual penalties imposed by Google on the domain.
  9. Can the domain be branded?

The game aims to identify premium expired domains with brandable features.

In other words, carefully examine each expired domain until you identify a few you’re confident enough to leverage.

How To Leverage Aged Domain

Many people need to efficiently leverage expired or aged domain names to rank well on google. SEO Domain Names provide the Best Way to Leverage SEO Expired Domains.

Prevalent and verified methods to leverage SEO Expired domains is to do the following:

  • The aged domain could be used to build a topically relevant content site or niche site
  • 301 redirects are an effective way to pass link juice from an old domain to a new one

To achieve results, let’s examine these options.

How To Build A Niche Site On Aged Domains

  • Identify your niche
  • Researching keywords
  • Domains that are over a decade old
  • Make a plan for your content
  • Host the website and install a content management system (such as WordPress).
  • Create a Google Search Console account
  • Produce informational content by writing, editing, and publishing
  • Check the search engine results pages regularly and monitor your site’s SEO performance
  • Start publishing commercial content and monetizing it

301 redirects are an effective way to pass link juice from an old domain to a new one

  • Find a domain that is aged in your niche by searching
  • Analyze backlinks and determine which pages they point to
  • Adding an aged domain to your hosting account
  • An aged domain can be installed with WordPress
  • Utilize .htaccess to redirect related content from the old site to the new site
  • Set up 301 redirects from the old site to the new site for branded anchor texts
  • Make sure you set up HTTP/HTTPS and a ‘www’ redirect if necessary
  • Install Google Analytics and Search Console
  • Please verify that the redirect is working once it’s in place

As soon as everything settles, monitor your site’s SEO performance with Google Analytics and Search Console, and enjoy an increase in organic traffic and rankings.


Now we can say goodbye to new domains!!

Expired or aged domain names can provide new website owners with an excellent opportunity to rank their websites in Google’s search results.

What approach will you take? We would love to hear from you! To get better results from their marketing strategies, we are always happy to provide advice to business owners.

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