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Domain Name DR RD DFRD TF Age Category Sub-category Price Domain data 23 2417 2057 17 14 years Business or Career Advertising $2,199 Domain data

Domain Overview

AdBux paid people to view websites, complete offers, sample products, signup for free trials, play games and shop online. It also advertised other people's websites, ran auctions and promoted affiliate programs. The backlink profile of this domain includes,, and several other international websites. Suggestive niches: Advertising and Marketing.

Most Common Anchors

  • 1. Adbux
  • 2.
  • 3.

Category:Business or Career


Age:14 years

Date:19 Feb 2021 9 379 299 14 15 years Technology and Gadgets Software $1,799 Domain data

Domain Overview

Amic Tools released several security programs that received a lot of attention. Strong links from a lot of tech news sites.

Most Common Anchors

  • 1. Anti Keylogger
  • 2. AMIC - Backup de Email ...
  • 3. Anti Keylogger Shield

Category:Technology and Gadgets


Age:15 years

Date:16 Sep 2020 35 354 272 26 23 years Technology and Gadgets News $1,999 Domain data

Domain Overview

ASP News was founded in October 1998 by Phil Wainewright. In January 2000, the business became part of the network of Jupitermedia Corp. (Nasdaq: JUPM), a leading online provider of global news and information for Internet professionals. ASPnews is headquartered Darien, Conn., USA. The mission was to act as an aggregator and filter of information for executives in the application service provider industry, providing a unique source of timely, useful and validated information that will inform their business strategy decisions. The domain has links from Wikipedia,,,, and other authoritative sources. Suggestive Niches: News and Technology.

Most Common Anchors

  • 1.
  • 2.
  • 3. Aspnews

Category:Technology and Gadgets


Age:23 years

Date:19 Feb 2021 73 863 841 21 6 Years Technology and Gadgets themes $5,999 Domain data

Domain Overview was a business that provides WordPress themes for musicians and bands. The music-themed designs had some great features to help promote live shows and music served from Soundcloud or Mixcloud. They curated a directory of some of the best WordPress themes for bands from other developers as well. The domain has many different links from businesses using their themes.

Most Common Anchors

  • 1. Bandthemes
  • 2. Band Themes
  • 3.

Category:Technology and Gadgets


Age:6 Years

Date:19 Nov 2020 50 128 93 21 4 Years Technology and Gadgets Gaming $21,900 Domain data

Domain Overview was a website that guides different gaming tips to the users such as gaming tips, hacks & cheats, mods, gaming weapons and headsets, and many different characters. The website holds a strong backlink profile from many gaming and technology-related websites.

Most Common Anchors

  • 1.
  • 2. Demo
  • 3. How To Craft A Smoker I...

Category:Technology and Gadgets


Age:4 Years

Date:13 Aug 2021 70 356 331 20 8 years Technology and Gadgets Software $2,999 Domain data

Domain Overview was a business that designed and developed themes for online retailers who wanted to leverage the WooCommerce eCommerce plugin to power their sites. They also curated a directory of some of the best eCommerce themes from other developers as well. The domain has many different links coming in from businesses who are using their themes. An excellent choice for someone looking to enter the eCommerce development business.

Most Common Anchors

  • 1. Ecommerce
  • 2. ecommercethemes
  • 3.

Category:Technology and Gadgets


Age:8 years

Date:19 Nov 2020 41 1067 952 16 19 years News Iran $1,799 Domain data

Domain Overview

Etemad was a popular news site in Iran. It's received links from thousands of other sites, linking to content it's published.

Most Common Anchors

  • 1. Etemad
  • 2. Etemaad
  • 3.



Age:19 years

Date:16 Sep 2020 68 214 202 20 4 years Health Technology and Gadgets $1,999 Domain data

Domain Overview was a business that developed themes specifically for fitness professionals who want their website to present as well as they do. Their themes were clean, modern and had optional features such as specific class page templates and embedded Google maps. The bulk of the link profile of this domain consists of users of their themes linking back via footer links. Ideal for someone wanting to break out into the WP fitness niche.

Most Common Anchors

  • 1. Fitness Themes
  • 2. fitnessthemes
  • 3.


Sub-category:Technology and Gadgets

Age:4 years

Date:19 Nov 2020 19 594 487 15 18 years Music and Instruments Entertainment $1,999 Domain data

Domain Overview

Gardel Web was a spanish music and dancing blog. Referenced by many relevant websites.

Most Common Anchors

  • 1. Carlos Gardel
  • 2. Gardel Web
  • 3.

Category:Music and Instruments


Age:18 years

Date:16 Sep 2020 73 907 866 21 9 Years Technology and Gadgets Hosting $21,999 Domain data

Domain Overview was a website that provides different web hosting service providers to suit the specific needs of the people. They had reviews from real customers and loads of information about each host to make an informed decision. The domain has many different links from the web hosting service providers.

Most Common Anchors

  • 1. Hostmarks
  • 2.
  • 3. Hardpressed

Category:Technology and Gadgets


Age:9 Years

Date:13 Aug 2021

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